Yesterday, our Year 11 students received a visit from Melanie Thomas, Head of Chepstow School Sixth Form, who spoke to our students about the opportunities available to them at Chepstow School.  Here is some information you may be interested in:

Requirement 1 – Essential

Year 12

5 Full Course GCSEs at C grade or above for AS

A minimum of 5 Full Course GCSEs at C grade or above to study four AS Levels in Year 12.

A minimum of 4 Full Course GCSEs at C grade or above to study BTEC L3.

Requirement 2 – Essential

Whilst we have a minimum entry requirement of five Full Course ‘C’ grades at GCSE (Year 12) and two ‘E’ grade passes at AS (Year 13), entry to sixth form is not automatic for admission.

Staff and governors take account whether an applicant:

  • has demonstrated the potential to succeed at the higher level which is senior study
  • is deemed to have the aptitude for voluntary study beyond the school leaving age
  • has a proven track record by way of attendance, behaviour and attitude to work
  • has demonstrated a broad competence across subjects with a consistent degree of diligence throughout.

Requirement 3 – Essential

Although ‘C’ grades at GCSE are the minimum entry requirement to the Sixth Form, some subject areas require a minimum ‘B’ grade at GCSE to continue studying their specialism at AS/A2. Please read our subject-specific entry requirements for 2014.

Deadline for application is 12th December 2014!

Please click here for an application form

Please click here for a Chepstow School Sixth Form Contract

Information for parents can be found here:


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