If you are unsure of where to look for information on Careers and Apprenticeships, there are two fantastic websites available to start you off:

This is the website of The National Careers Service.  They have information on pretty much every job you might be interested in.  You can use them to find out what options or qualifications you will need to get to be able to do the job you want.  You can also contact them to talk through your career questions/worries.  If you don’t want to do that over the phone, they provide a live web-chat service.
They also provide advice and guidance on CV Writing, Interviews and Application Forms.

This is the Government Apprenticeships website.  It’s got a lot of information on Apprenticeships, what they are and how to apply.  It showcases a range of high-profile companies who have opportunities available.

Both websites are FREE to use, and have a lot of information to get you started.  If you still feel like you don’t have answers to your questions, book in to see our Careers Advisor! You can do this with Miss Harvey in D2 at break or lunch.


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