If you are getting stuck writing your CV for a college, job or apprenticeship application, have a look at the websites below to get some guidance and inspiration:

National Careers Service:
This gives advice on building a CV, what to put in each section, the format and covering letters

Help 4 Teens:
This provides CV templates for you to download and use, with some handy rules to follow

This is a completed CV example for you to see what a standard CV can look like.  You can add more or less to yours, depending on your experience.

There are lots of other websites out there to help you with writing a CV.  Just do a Google search for ‘school leaver CV writing guide’ or something similar, and you will get lots of results.

Remember, all experience is useful.  Try doing some volunteer work, mentoring, joining an extra curricular activity/club or having a part-time job so that you have things to include on your CV.  It shows you have extra skills beyond those you develop in lessons.  This can help you stand out against other applicants.

We also have a Careers Adviser in school who can help you write a CV or give you some feedback once you have attempted a first draft.  See your College Manager or Miss Harvey for an appointment.


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