This year, the whole of Year 10 will be completing 2 weeks of work experience during the last 2 weeks of the Summer Term from Monday 6th July – Friday 17th July (inclusive). 

At the end of last term, students were given an information assembly about their work experience and issued with a pack which included the following:

– A checklist of things to complete before commencing work experience
– A work placement form
– Guidance for students and parents on how to complete the work placement form
– Guidance for employers on how to complete the work placement form
– Information on the work experience approval programme

If your child is having difficulty finding a placement or deciding on where to go, they can book an appointment with our careers advisor via Miss Harvey (in D2).  Alternatively, they can consult our Green List of employers who have kindly offered work experience to students from The Dean Academy in previous years: The Green List 2015

The deadline for returned forms is the end of the Spring Term, Friday 27th March.  This is due to our need to process and approve applications before they begin.  Forms are welcome as soon as they are ready.
NB: Students who wish to complete work experience in two separate places will need to collect an extra form for completion and submission.  These are available from Miss Harvey.

If you have any further questions, concerns or thoughts, please email

For information: A copy of the presentation given to students during their information assembly can be accessed here:

Placement opportunities:

The Dean Academy School Canteen have previously taken students for work experience and have kindly offered to do so again this year.  Students taking part wouldn’t be front of house if they didn’t feel comfortable about serving fellow students. The placement itself would include general kitchen duties, learning basic food safety and food preparation.

There is also the possibility of sitting a basic food safety course online with a certificate to take away.

To enquire about this opportunity, students will need to see Miss Harvey or Nikki in the Canteen.

The Orchard Trust have offered to host students who are interested in working with adults with learning disabilities.  Please contact Frances Palmer via their website:


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