A traineeship is a pre-apprenticeship programme.  The programme is for 16-24 year olds.   The core element is a 6 week work placement with an employer who is looking for an apprentice where possible. 

Why choose a Traineeship prior to starting an Apprenticeship?

You lack work experience

You have missed out on the maths and English grades to get on to an apprenticeship

You cannot find an employer to take you on as an apprentice

You are not sure which apprentice job you want to do

You found an employer but they can’t take you on to an apprenticeship because of your maths/English grades

You have been applying for apprenticeships, but have been unsuccessful at application or interview stage

The Traineeship Programme

The programme has three elements

1)       Employability training – getting ready for work, preparing for interview, applying for apprenticeships and getting ready for your first week at work.

2)       Maths and English – functional skills (if you have a GCSE or Functional skills certificate at C or level 2 and above in maths and English, you will be exempt from this element).

3)       6 week work placement with an employer. We work with you during the first few weeks at college to find the right placement for you. 

The programme last for 12 -19 weeks

You start your traineeship at college, preparing for the work placement working towards Maths and English Functional skills and developing your employability skills.

The final 6 weeks will be entirely on placement with the employer.  Some students may have one day release from work to go into college to continue maths and English. You will be invited back to college to complete any portfolio work, resits and exams for your functional skills.  During you work placement, your job coach will visit you to assess your progress and work with the employer to help in moving you into an apprenticeship. 

How many hours will I be studying and working each week? The college training will be for 30 hours per week, Monday to Friday.  It is intense, but it is important that you gain your maths and English functional skills before completing your Traineeship. 

Work placement hours will need to meet the business needs.   On average you will do 30 hours per week for about  6 weeks during this placement you will complete a module towards your apprenticeship qualification.  This will give you a really good idea of what it will be like to be an apprentice

When do Traineeships start?

A young person can join a programme for a Traineeship at any time during the year based on the flexible model of delivery we have.

For More information about Traineeships or to refer a Young Person to the Programme please contact the Traineeship Team at Gloucestershire College

 01452 563278 or email us at Traineeship@gloscol.ac.uk.


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