We are seeking to recruit quality individuals who meet the criteria necessary for service in the RAF from 16 years (Year1) and beyond.  To this end, as the Centre of Excellence for RAF engineering training, RAF Cosford offers:

– A wide range of aircraft engineering technician opportunities –  Mechanical, Avionics/ Electrics & Weapons Technicians

ICT Technician training – so much more than just ICT; includes communications, radar, cyber and networking too..

Aerospace Systems Engineering or Communications/ Electronics Engineering Officers

– ‘Ad hoc’ familiarisation visits for some of the other 56 Branch and Trade opportunities available in the RAF.  

Alternatively, the RAF Reserve offers paid spare-time (ie weekend) service in 30 Branch and Trade opportunities too, up to age 55.

Trade requirements for the Trade specialisations below are: 16-29 years old on enlistment; GCSE Maths, English Language (and a Physics-based or technology based subject for ICT Technician) at Grade C or above. All RAF technical trades are accredited Modern Apprenticeships, often leading to a degree (please see attached literature). Accordingly, students may apply to join the RAF from 15years and 9 months old with a view to enlisting from their 16th birthday, so that they can ‘earn while they learn’.

The following RAF Careers Familiarisation Visits are offered for genuinely interested students seeking a career as an engineering technician or engineering officer:

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

1 October                                Avionics/Electrical Technician

8 October                                Weapons Technician

15 October                              Mechanical Technician

20 October                              Avionics/ Electrical Technician

3 November                            Avionics/ Electrical Technician

10 November                          Mechanical Technician

12 November                          Weapons Technician

3 December                            Mechanical Technician

8 December                            Avionics/ Electrical Technician

ICT Technician

6, 13 October;

5, 19 and 24 November;

15 and 17 December

Where students show outstanding engineering flair and academic prowess, they may be better suited to a career as an Aerospace Systems or Communications/ Electronics Engineering Officer. Either specialization requires a recognised and relevant engineering related degree, for which sponsorship may be available. There are several entry routes, including Defence Sixth Form College Welbeck (apply in Year 11), Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (apply in Year 11), Bursary or post graduate (apply in Year 1 of university); please ask for details. Engineering Officer Familiarisation Visits are available as follows:

22 October;

9 and 16 December

Nominations for Familiarisation Visits should include full name, email address, DOB and a contact number. Places on these Visits are rarely undersubscribed and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis; if you need guidance to determine which would be the most appropriate Visit to align your students with, please call me to discuss.

Please note that it is not possible to nominate for a range of Trades. For wider awareness, I recommend all potential candidates visit www.raf.mod.uk/careers; this is a necessary pre-cursor before attending a Familiarisation Visit as it provides wider information about RAF Careers which the Visits put into perspective.

Although confirmatory details are sent out nearer the time, for planning purposes:

Assemble:                   0950 hrs at Main Gate car park RAF Cosford (WV7 3EX); Cosford railway station is opposite the Main Gate.

Dress:                          Smart casual; business attire for engineering officer candidates.

Lunch:                          FOC.!

Dispersal:                    15:30hrs from Main Gate car park

I look forward to hearing from you

Per Ardua

Squadron Leader Andy Thayne | Community Careers Liaison Officer| Building 156, Royal Air Force Cosford, Wolverhampton WV7 3EX| ( mil: 95561 Ext 7232 | ( civi: +44 (0) 1902 377232| 3 mobile: +44 (0) 7989 398442 | *  COS-CCLO@mod.uk  or andy.thayne241@mod.uk


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