We have been receiving a number of queries with regards to Work Experience the following information is being communicated to tutor groups this week in the hope of alleviating some of the current confusion:
– The deadline for submission of completed forms has been extended to Friday 27th May.  After this time, we will not be accepting forms and placement requests will be denied.  This is in order for us to complete the required admin before placements begin
– Spare forms can be collected from either Mrs. O’Regan in D2 or Mr Stanley on a Tuesday and Wednesday in the Careers Office
– Health and Safety check certificates/reports are required for all submissions which are for a work placement which has not been selected from the pre-approved and checked list in the Careers Office.  Submissions returned without these will be rejected and returned to students.
Some placements have been checked by other schools and organisations.  In these cases, we simply need a copy of the certificate or report.
– Students working directly with their parents still require a Health and Safety check and certificate. 
However, we would discourage students from selecting this type of work experience, as part of the focus of the week is building on your skills and ability to go into a workplace as you would in ‘real life’ i.e. not knowing anyone and make new relationships and overcome nerves. 
If students have any further questions, please ask them to come and see Mrs O’Regan ASAP.  The original letter to parents can be found here: WORK EXPERIENCE LETTER

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