This term, Year 8 and their tutors have been invited to attend the Careers Area, in the Learning Resource Centre, to find out about Careers at The Dean Academy during tutor time. We have shown them our dedicated Careers Room and let them know what they can access when they visit.  Mrs O’Regan met the students and talked then through the different ways in which they can access information, support and guidance.

Students are now invited to return to explore the Careers Room in their own time at allocated break and lunch times which are exclusively for Y8 only during the week commencing Monday 23rd May.   This will give them the chance to meet our new Careers Ambassadors and visit in an exclusive Year Group Only time.

Tutor Time Activity:

After half term, students are invited to familiarise themselves with Kudos, our Careers software package. Again, this is presented on a carousel basis for tutor groups at tutor time.

Students will set up their username and password.  Once they have these, they can access Kudos anywhere, anytime.  They can access from home too!

The next activity that Y8 may be interested in will be the Careers Fair in the Autumn Term.  Attending this event will help them make decisions ready to make their options choices in the Spring Term of Year 9.

If you have any queries, please email


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