Year 9 Careers Day

Wednesday 25th May 2016

This Wednesday 25th May, Year 9 will be taking part in one of two Careers based activities:

  • STEM trip to Gloucester to Energise your Future (40 students)

Students will be leaving school at 8.15am and return about 12.45pm.

  • Collapsed timetable day focusing on skills and development Carousel of activities planned to support the students in developing key employability skills, goal setting and identifying career pathways. The day has been designed to inspire students and to encourage them to start thinking about their futures.

Students in School:

All students must attend school in clothes suitable for physical activity – PE kit or tracksuit and trainers.


The Royal Agricultural University – Goal Setting

The Royal Agricultural University – Study Smart

The Army – Presentation and Team Building

CragRats – Understanding Yourself Using a 3 pronged approach of Interests v Values v Skills to help students identify what Careers/Industries/Pathways are most appropriate to them as an individual.

CragRats – Standing Out from the crowd How to promote yourself and highlight what you have to offer?  Explain a CV, examples given to review.  Students are taken through a basic CV structure and by the end of the module they should have the building blocks of their first CV ready to be word processed.


The day will coincide with our school day (9:05 until 3:15) with a break for lunch and mid-morning break.

We will be running 5 sessions of each presentation/workshop on a rotating carousel. Each group will experience all 5 as follows: Registration (as normal in usual rooms)

9:05-10:05 – Session 1
10:05-11:05 – Session 2
11:25-12:25 – Session 3
12:25-1:30 Session 4
2:10-3:15 Session 5

If you have any feedback from your child after the event that you would like to share, please email


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