Dear Parent/Carer,

During the final week of the Summer Term 2017, your child will be undertaking a Work Experience placement at a business of their choosing. The dates for Work Experience for this academic year are 17th – 21st July 2017 (inclusive).

Our aim is for every Year 10 student to be involved in Work Experience. The information and experiences gained during time with employers can be used for; references for Post-16 choices and employment, supporting Post-16 choices and pathways and the development of employability skills and self-reflection and evaluation. Last year, 96% of our students felt that the experience helped motivate them towards trying their very best to achieve their target GCSE Grades and 92% of our students said that it was a valuable experience.

Students are, as far as possible, encouraged to take responsibility for organising their placements in order to allow them the full experience of what it would be like in employment, from applying for jobs to sustaining a job by meeting the expectations of the workplace with regards to punctuality, attendance, presentation and achievement. On this basis, we encourage students to approach businesses by writing a letter or making a telephone call to enquire as to whether they are offering work experience and how to apply. We would also suggest that students do not complete their work experience with direct family members in order to give them the broadest experience possible in preparation for entering employment in full. We are able to support students in placements both within the county and further afield.

In order to find a placement, students should use the local papers, internet and discussions with their subject teachers and Careers staff in school. Work experience is not a career matching exercise, but a chance to gain vital life experiences of the demands of work and the skills and qualities needed. While it is usually preferred by the student and their families that students use this time to experience a job role that they are interested in pursuing in the future, it is not always the case that this is a possibility. We therefore suggest that students focus on the wider benefits and make sure to secure a placement, regardless of whether this is for their future ideal career path or not. If your child requires some further support in their Career choices, they are encouraged to book an appointment with our Careers Adviser who is in school on a Thursday. Appointments can be made via Student Services and you are most welcome to attend alongside your child.

Please note that while students are on Work Experience they are still the responsibility of the school. It is therefore necessary that placements are approved by the school and, to this end, health and safety checks have to be made. These checks are undertaken by an external company who work alongside many other schools in the area. It is therefore vitally important that all required forms are returned by the deadline in order to allow time for these checks to be completed. Checks are regularly made on-site and must be made in order for a placement to be approved.

All of the relevant paperwork for completion has been distributed to students. Please be reminded that the sooner a student approaches a business, the more likely they are to secure their preference.  Spare forms are available in reception.

Therefore, in order to make sure that the process runs smoothly, we will require that every student has arranged their work experience placement by Friday 7th April 2017.

Your child has also been given an assembly outlining all of the areas above but we are eager to secure your support in making this a successful process and experience for your child. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact me via email: ellie.o’




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